Lakeshore Restoration

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I specialize in Lake Shore restoration. Having spent 30+ years working on the shorelines and lakefront homes of Annandale and area, I have experience with every lake, every type of soil, every tree and plant that is native to the

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Boulder Walls

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Large boulder walls can serve many purposes from providing erosion control to simply adding a natural look to a landscape design. Most of these boulders have been placed using a track hoe and then jostled into position by hand. These

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Rip Rap Shoreline

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Most of the local water front homes have some form of rip rap on their shore lines. It is a simple, cost effective way to keep your landscaping intact through out the winter months. The weather changes quick in Minnesota

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Over Ice Hauling

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If you have tight shoreline with little or no access from the road, I offer over ice hauling during the winter months. I drive the rock across the lake and then rip rap your shoreline using a skid loader.  Plan

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If you want a small beach fire pit or if you have something bigger in mind, I can do it.  Fire pits made from big boulders are a nice addition to any lake shore cabin.

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Rock Walls

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I have built all kinds of different retaining walls, using a wide variety of materials. Give me a call and I will come over, listen to your ideas and give you some suggestions based on your particular needs, my experience

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KeyStone Walls

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Keystone walls are a quick way to build a wall or planter. Though I prefer the natural look of rock, sometimes Keystone looks better for a modern home or a business. Over the years I’ve done a lot of both

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Landscaping Steps

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Combining stone steps into a rock landscape can look natural as well as provide access to a different level.

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